Letter to the Editor of The Morning Journal, 2-7-99, by Bob Barnhart

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This is an open letter to Avon Citizens. First, let me state that I agree with those against the proposed Avon Commons Shopping Center that say, "We do not need a shopping center in Avon."

While we may not need a shopping center, I believe our geographic location dictates that a shopping center is inevitable! Therefore, I believe we should have the highest quality shopping center possible, and that is the Avon Commons with the C-3 zoning guidelines.

There are several benefits coming to our Avon community if we approve Avon Commons, and the single most important benefit is money! While money may not always be the answer to a community's problems, you tell me which community problem is not made smaller by having adequate funds?

The most significant benefits derived from building the Avon Commons include:

I believe many Avon residents are concerned about traffic congestion, and I share that concern. Traffic congestion is upon us in Avon right now! We have traffic congestion because of the additional homes built in Avon in recent years, and it will become much worse over the next 2-3 years.

We have had 396 new homes built in Avon during the past 24 months. Each new home brings two additional cars to travel our Avon streets and roads. In addition, presently under construction are:

This totals 812 homes and another 1,600 cars traveling in Avon. If you think we have congestion in 1999, wait until 2001 - 2002!

Our city officials will do their very best to alleviate and handle the traffic congestion problems, and the money they can receive from the Avon Commons will help significantly.

I'd like to make another point concerning our excellent Avon schools. Our school system is probably the second largest employer in Avon, approximately 130 - 140 employees. The average cost of educating one child in the 1997 - 98 school year in our Avon schools was $4,690. This present school, 1998 - 99, we opened a much needed new Avon High School; and we employed 10 additional teachers plus nine classified employees -- secretaries, cleaning staff, etc.

I estimate these additional staff members cost our Avon Board of Education approximately $400,000. This additional money has come from industrial installations coming to Avon in recent years. A commercial development such as Avon Commons will bring additional tax revenues to help our schools meet the future increase of students coming from those additional aforementioned 1,200 Avon homes.

Another plus is that Avon Commons will receive no consideration of tax abatement.

Our "Avon Citizens for Avon Commons" committee needs your support ... please call my residence, 937-6477 ... "

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