Avon Commons Festival Market Walkway, Avon, Ohio

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Avon Commons will be located on land which has been zoned with the intent of shopping center development for over 30 years. One of the requirements of C3 zoning is that there be 30 percent green space, which is about 25 acres of the 86-acre project. In addition, First Interstate has committed that the adjacent residential acreage, consisting of another 10 to 12 acres, would also remain as permanent green space. Avon Commons is in the right place; and it is the best choice for Avon.

Part of the Avon Commons green space will be used for the five-acre festival market walkway that could house art festivals, antique shows, and farmers markets on various weekends throughout the summer and for the two-acre gazebo area that could be used for Sunday afternoon concerts. First Interstate Development Company, with much input from the Avon Planning Commission, is proposing a development of the highest quality. This proposal incorporates award-winning design for greenspace areas, landscaping, and overall site layout. First Interstate looks forward to working with the community toward the ground breaking, construction, and grand opening of Avon Commons.

Avon Commons Site Plan

Avon Commons Festival Market Walkway

Avon Commons Gazebo Area

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