Avon Commons Again?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR of THE PRESS, 6-9-99, By Bob Barnhart

"The votes have been cast and we all await the results with a certain degree of anxiety and apprenhension! Nevertheless, I'd like to compliment each of our committee members for their cooperation, hard work and integrity during our campaign.

While I am hopeful that our issue is successful, I can truthfully say that I have been very pleased with the conduct of our committee over the past three to four months. Our basic theme was to present factual information to the citizens of Avon and refrain from any personal or character attacks.

I believe our committee members conducted themselves in a very positive and professional manner.

In addition, our committee extends a most sincere "thank you" to the many Avon citizens who welcomed us into their homes, signed our petitions, and supported us with their Yes vote on June 1, 1999.

It is important for all Avonites, at this time, to put our differences behind us and work together on future challenges to keep Avon a great place to live. Regardless of the final outcome of the June 1 vote, I pledge myself to that goal.

Bob Barnhart, Avon"

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