The PRESS endorses zoning change [Issue 14]
for Avon Commons

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AVON - Most people would agree that the proposed site for Avon Commons has been zoned for commercial development for [over] 25 years. It is close to two state highways, Routes 254 and 83, and is close to an Interstate 90 interchange. This area is "ripe" for developmenmt. ... Those opposed know it would be illegal to exclude commercial development. ...

If voters approve the C-3 zoning required to build Avon Commons, it will allow for a unified, aesthetically pleasing, well thought out plan. To some, that may not be as beautiful as the rustic field and trees in the area; however, there will be development in that area. It could be a car dealership or an outlet mall. [One combination is a car dealership - theater complex as proposed in North Ridgeville plus an outlet mall.]

With Schneider's plan, as approved by the Avon Planning Commission, the City would be assured of ... major improvements to the state roadways. There will be more reserved greenspace with Avon Commons than if C-2 were maintained. Those greenspaces will contain a recreational walkway, and a festival market area and gazebo for community events [more than 35 acres of permanent greenspace]. ...

Schneider has been open and above-board in his relationship with the City. That is more than can be said for the Stark/Jacobs Group. ... Howard Beder of the Group at one time complained of the "malicious grapevine" active in Avon. Although gossip isn't the best form of communication, there is something to be said for a close-knit community where people still talk with each other.

People with land under option with the Stark/Jacobs Group complained they were not told the whole truth. People talked among themselves and discovered interesting facts.

Schneider worked in good faith with the City. The tenuous ties of subterfuge of so-called experts with The Group raises a red flag. Do the residents of Avon want to reward questionable behavior by Stark/Jacobs? If not, vote YES for Issue 14. Avon Commons may not keep out the other development, but it will slow them down.

The PRESS endorses the actions and plans of Mitchell Schneider and Avon Commons.

Traffic flow will improve at Route 83, I-90, Detroit Road, Chester Road, and Jaycox Road. $1.8 million is devoted to these upgrades, including sidewalks and traffic lights. Avon Commons will bring over $600,000 in additional annual tax revenue to the City and over $1.1 million annually to the schools of Avon. There will be an additional $310,00 for the County, $65,000 for the JVS, and a $27,000 health tax revenue.

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